Customer Service Response Timeline Reduced

The Quality Assurance department of a leading
medical device manufacturer was struggling with
responding to customer complaints in a timely
manner. As this potentially impacted the company’s
revenue stream, it was critical that this bottleneck be addressed. Our Principal facilitated a review and reengineering of the existing business processes to identify the underlying reason for the problem. Under her leadership, one existing 30 day duration process was reengineered to be completed in just 7 days – a 76% reduction in time.

"Several of Sharon's suggestions were very different to me - she kept me focused on the end result and to think out of the box."   
                                               - D.V., Quality Assurance, leading medical device manufacturer

Process Alignment Across Business Units

The Reliability Assurance department at a large medical device manufacturer was evaluating alternative software solutions for one of their data collection systems. Sharon reviewed the business strategies and processes for the department, comparing them with those of their counterparts in other business units. Although the same software system was not selected, the project resulted in closer process alignment and collaboration of the departments across the corporation. 

“Sharon has offered suggestions and been a good sounding board for other's ideas."   
                                             - R. Roy, Reliability Assurance, large medical device manufacturer

Software Vendor Selection

The Operations group of a large pharmaceutical company was faced with replacing the infrastructure supporting their Help Desk and other operational departments. Insightful Solutions was engage to lead a vendor selection process to satisfy both the near term needs of the organization, but also those anticipated over the coming five years. The initial requirements and evaluation were conducted ahead of time and under budget, and resulted in the selection of an application to meet all the organizations needs.

"The analysis was very well done and resulted in the selection of a comprehensive package that has turned out to be a perfect fit for the organization."
                                                 - Jim Adams, Executive Director - IT, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Evaluation of Project Requests

The Program Management Office of a specialty pharmaceutical company needed a better process for reviewing and evaluating submitted business and technology project requests against the corporate strategy. Sharon led a reengineering project to define a new process based on industry best practices, resulting in both quantitative measures for management to use in determining which projects to approve, as well as strong communication mechanisms to enhance responsiveness to customers. 

“Sharon did a great job for us when she was here late last year and early this year. I would gladly have her back.”                                   - Ben Warren, Director of PMO, Watson Pharmaceuticals

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