Ms. Flemings is known an innovative and business-centric  professional with expertise in assisting organizations improve their operations and implement their strategic goals. Her specific areas of expertise include business process analysis, design and reengineering, technology/business alignment, strategic planning, and facilitation.

Both her peers and customers have recognized Ms. Flemings as an energetic, creative and insightful visionary, and an out-of-the-box thinker. She is passionate about her clients’ success, a quick thinker, and is focused on results.

With a background in industries as diverse as the Department of Defense, Life Sciences, and Media, Ms. Flemings has over 20 years experience in coaching others how to “work smarter”. She challenges current practices and assumptions, and assists clients in achieving their goals by presenting alternative visions, and inspiring and challenging the creativity of stakeholders.

Also known as an excellent listener and facilitator, Ms. Flemings has the ability to quickly identify the underlying causes of a situation, and coach those impacted to collaborate and build consensus in creating a solution that provides a winning result for all.

Ms. Flemings’ personal passion is for motivating, challenging and inspiring others to realize their full potential. Insightful Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2005 in response to a gap Ms. Flemings identified in most organizations between the development of the mission/vision statements, and the realization of those through the every day business processes. She believes that most employees sincerely want to contribute to the realization of those corporate objectives and experience fulfilling work, but do not know how in the current context of the organization. Ms. Flemings teaches organizations how to identify the specific elements that contribute to success, so all members understand and support the desired direction and find fulfillment in their work.

Ms. Flemings holds BME and MSA degrees from Central Michigan University, and has taken post-graduate courses in Organizational Leadership. Additionally, she is active in a number of local business and civic organizations.