"Several of Sharon's suggestions were very different to me - she kept me focused on the end result and to think out of the box."   
                                               - D.V., Quality Assurance, leading medical device manufacturer

“Sharon has offered suggestions and been a good sounding board for other's ideas."   
                                             - R. Roy, Reliability Assurance, large medical device manufacturer

"The results of your work proved to be very valuable in improving the efficiency of operations and quality of services delivered to our customers.  You met all of our expectations and contributed unexpected additional value in the form of suggestions for more efficient methods.  We were very pleased with the quality of the deliverables and the professional manner in which you conducted the activities.” 
                                                 - Jim Adams, Executive Director - IT, Watson Pharmaceuticals

“When we first met with Sharon and discussed what we wanted and showed her what we were doing, she brought us forward with new thinking and possibilities. She was able to show us a vision and help us to understand a new way of working. She worked with each of us in the group to understand our unique roles and responsibilities.”
                                                - J.B., Quality Assurance Manager, major life sciences company

“For the first time, I was able to see the mess I always knew was there…”
                                                                                     - G.T., Director of Clinical Research,
                                                                                      major medical device manufacturer

“Sharon is recognized by her peers and customers as a leader. She works through conflicts and situations very well. Her facilitation skills are excellent and she has earned the respect of her teammates.”
                                                       - J.D., IT Project Manager, major life sciences corporation

“We certainly appreciated working with you.  You are one of the most impressive business analysts with whom I have ever associated.”
 - Sharon Leinbach, Director of Vital Records,
                                                                                        Tennessee Department of Health

“Sharon’s knowledge related to all aspects of the Information Technology business was extremely valuable to the overall success of the project.  Her knowledge enabled an instantaneous start once she was on-board.  Sharon also brought ideas to help streamline the project’s timeline.  Sharon was able to perform several of the IT Manager’s project assigned tasks which other consultants could not have done.  By doing this, the day-to-day tasks of keeping the business running was still accomplished.”
                                                                                      - Deb Taylor, Director, IT, Watson Pharmaceuticals

“... I feel as if Sharon’s involvement in the project made it successful. This was a true value add to the project as it was a fresh set of eyes on our particular problem; one which we have been contemplating for quite some time.”
- Matt Bodo, Manager, Former Corporate Quality Assurance –
                                                                                                                                     Watson Pharmaceuticals

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