Mentoring (Book Review)
by Sharon Flemings

While browsing the library this month, I came across Mentoring, by Gordon F. Shea. This book is a good introductory read on the topic something that can be read quickly (it is less than 100 pages).

While it does not delve deeply into the subject, this publication provides a good overview of mentoring. Mr. Shea discusses the various mentoring relationships (formal/informal, time-based), understanding the needs of both the mentor and mentee, and the appropriate behaviors necessary to be a successful mentor. Section provide a quick overview of the principle or concept being presented, then a checklist, series of questions or other tool the reader can use to assess their skills and thoughts regarding the topic. Additionally, there are case studies sprinkles throughout to reinforce the points being made.

I found the tools and questions to be valuable and appropriate to the topic under discussion; however, in several areas it would have been nice to have comments from the author regarding the appropriate responses to the questions posed. This would have increased the learning opportunities, and could have presented alternative ideas as to how to approach a situation other than that determined by the reader.

If you are at all interested in becoming a mentor but do not have a lot of time to research tools and techniques, this would be a great resource to start with.