The The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success,
by Robert Scheinfeld and Robert G. Allen
(Book Review)
by Sharon Flemings

Have you ever wondered how it seems that some people have all the luck? All the answers? The right resources at the right time? In this interesting book, Messrs. Scheinfeld and Allen review a number of known techniques and strategies for getting more out of yourself – Law of Attraction, persistence, visualization and others – any why they, in and of themselves, are not sufficient for long term success. He introduces us to a new concept - the concept of a person’s “inner CEO” and what he calls the “11th Element”.

The authors discuss the benefits of tapping into the resource that we all have experienced, but often don’t leverage. The thesis of this book is that there is a vast, invisible network that exists, connecting knowledge about every person (resource) in the world. By specifically identifying what you are trying to accomplish, and structuring and submitting your request to your “inner CEO” for approval and action, you can experience life changing outcomes by tapping into these other resources.

While I personally have some reservations about the term “inner CEO”, I do believe the principles and process outlined in the book would be beneficial – if for no other reason than to structure your thoughts. By being able to articulate specifically what outcome you expect from a particular action or request, your chances of it being fulfilled as you envisioned are greater.

Spelled out in a repeatable methodology, each step in the process of formulating and submitting a request are discussed with examples of real requests. By the end of the book, you are provided with a “template” for a request, and sufficient examples to develop your first draft.

I do recommend this book if for no other reason than to stretch yourself, and learn to think about things a little differently. I have developed my own request (requiring long term results) and in retrospect, discovered that the resources and personnel I needed to address the request were actually supplied. At this point, I plan to review the book again, to glean additional insights into how to better utilize this tool in both my personal and professional life.