Below are some questions that are frequently asked by our clients:

Do you need expertise in our functional area in order to be effective?

No. While we have expertise in a number of functional areas, only your staff understands the uniqueness and nuances in your business environment. We rely on your staff to provide the detailed expertise needed to define your current situation, and together we can evaluate and understand the implications for change. The value we provide to your team is:

  1. Facilitating discussions (even when difficult or sensitive) that lead to an understanding of the problem to be addressed and opportunities for resolution.
  2. Challenging the assumptions, principles and processes currently embedded in the organization.
  3. Presenting an outsider's view and vision of what could be possible in the future, and to serve as a catalyst for discussion.
  4. Inspire the project team to embrace change and define a practical and pragmatic approach to addressing the current challenge(s).

How long do engagements generally last, and are you on-site all the time?

Depending on the project, most engagements last between one month and six months. We are onsite as often as is needed to ensure progress and communication; otherwise, we work off site. We are always available by phone or email.

Do you work on a project basis, or charge an hourly rate?

Insightful Solutions is pleased to offer value-based fees as well as alternative engagement arrangements (e.g. retainer). Please contact us to discuss your particular situation and together we can define an engagement that fits your needs.

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